Restaurant Hood Cleaning


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    Restaurant Hood Cleaning

    Running a restaurant can be a very stressful and challenging thing to do, because there are several different intricate parts that go into successfully operating one. Aside from keeping the dining room and other areas frequented by guests clean, you also need to make sure that your kitchen is kept in pristine condition. Failing to do so can results in severe consequences for your business such as closure due to health code violations.

    At Wisco Wash LLC, we provide high-quality restaurant hood cleaning services designed to help owners keep their business running properly. Our restaurant hood cleaning specialists are thoroughly trained and certified, so you can rest assured they will extract all residue from your ventilation hood.

    The key purpose of a restaurant hood is to collect grease and other byproducts that are created during the cooking process. Without one, commercial kitchens and restaurants would be forced to clean their kitchen on a daily basis to avoid contamination and health issues. When you fail to clean your grease receptacle, it can lead to not only a decline in the overall quality of your kitchen, but it can also cross over into the dishes you serve your guests.

    Our team is equipped with specialized tools and equipment, that allow us to effectively remove and dispose of any substance that has collected in your ventilation hood. We use a combination of hot pressurized water and non-toxic cleaning solutions to completely disinfect your grease receptacle. This ensures that your staff and customers are not exposed to any potentially harmful chemicals after we leave.

    By cleaning your restaurant hood on a regular basis, you will be able to increase your overall kitchen efficiency in addition to the quality of your services as a whole. It also helps you be proactive about ensuring that your restaurant complies with local guidelines related to health statues and codes.

    If you’re interested in our restaurant hood cleaning services, give us a call to schedule an appointment. All law enforcement members, veterans, and seniors receive an extra 10% off of their service total. We service all restaurant owners located in Chilton, Wi and surrounding localities.

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