Agricultural Cleaning


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    Agricultural Cleaning

    Running a farm or any other type of agricultural property requires a lot of manpower and time. Keeping up with the maintenance of your farming equipment and tools, in addition to managing your property can be quite difficult for any sole individual. If you’re someone who owns an agricultural property and need assistance maintain all of the equipment vital to your business, there is help available.

    At Wisco Wash LLC, we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to help you thoroughly clean virtually any piece of agricultural equipment that you may own. All of our agricultural cleaning specialists are comprehensively trained and certified, which ensures that you will receive lasting cleaning results.

    Depending on the surface material of your agricultural equipment, we will tailor our cleaning approach to ensure that no damage occurs during the cleaning process. We utilize environmentally friendlysanitization solutions that are highly effective at removing dirt, without stripping away paint or corroding the components of your agricultural equipment.

    Cleaning your agricultural equipment on a regular basis will help prolong it’s operation lifespan. It also adds a level of security to your agricultural operation by preemptively protecting you from incidents such as crop contamination.

    Our agricultural cleaning services are compatible with various pieces of equipment including:

    • Tractors
    • Mixers
    • Grain Legs
    • Feed Mills
    • Grain Dryers
    • Bins
    • And much more

    We can effectively remove virtually any type of dirt or substance accumulation which may be on your equipment. Utilizing fine-tuned pressure washing, our specialists will adapt their cleaning technique to maximize the level of dirt extraction that occurs. This ensures that all of your farming tools will run in optimal condition and also be protected from the onset of premature wear.

    Our agricultural cleaning services are covered by a 100% service satisfaction guarantee, which means that your protected in the event of any accidents during the process. We provide a 10% discount to all law enforcement members, seniors, and veterans.

    We service all agricultural property owners located in or near the Chilton, WI area. To schedule an appointment, simply give us a call and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

    Let our team help you run an efficient and sanitary agricultural business, contact Wisco Wash LLC today!


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